Outdoor Shade Screens | For Porch & Patio
Shade Screens For Porch & Patio

Shade Screens For Porch & Patio

Traditional shade screens are expensive and, in our opinion, too hard to see through. Rather than offer the same shade screens as everyone else, we decided to offer something completely different and at an affordable price. Our shade mesh blocks 80% of sunlight but is very clear to see through and slide side to side on an overhead tracking system. Since we are already in the business of insect protection, shade curtains are designed for a seal to keep you safe from nasty bloodsuckers that hunt you and your family.

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One Way Visibility

Shade Screen for Patio
Shade Screen for Porch

A Heavy Look from the Outside, but Great Visibility from interior

Outdoor shade curtains
Outdoor shade screens

New Cocoa Brown Shade Screen Fabric

With White being too bright and opaque to see through and black being clearest but, to some, too oppressive looking, we've introduced a new coca brown shade mesh. We offer this new color in May 2016. Why Cocoa Brown? It is a very neutral color and sort of like when Dennis the Menace asked for dirty brown overalls so his mama wouldn't holler at him when he got them dirty.

Black Shade Screen Fabric

This is a stunningly gorgeous material that is silky and black, like a race horse with a substantial strong feel. If you would like to see a sample, please email us and ask to see other fabrics as well so you can see what is right for you. Our Shade screen curtains have a much heavier look than our mosquito mesh curtains and some might say your porch might look dark like the Adam's Family, however only BLACK will enable you to see out clearly.

White Shade for Outdoor Projection Screens

We are offer a White version of our shade screens but white is not really appropriate for traditional shading since in soils easier and is very opaque to see through. Instead, our white shade is typically used for projecting movies outdoors.

Motorized Shade Screens?

Unfortunately, we do not offer motorized shade screens but highly recommend these folks at Southern Patio Enclosures who do only commercial projects.

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