Awning Screens and Custom-made DIY Awning Screen Kits
Awning Screens

Awning Screens

Mosquito Curtains are a high quality yet affordable alternative to permanent screening. Screen your awning from biting insects with custom-made precision unlike the cheap awning screens that are tissue paper thin. Your awning was custom sized to fit your porch. Shouldn't you have the same quality with a secure fit that will last?

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Awning screen
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Patio screen
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Camper Awnings

Fixed Awnings and Tents

Fixed awnings are a perfect application for our product. We custom make awning screens so we can retro-fit any Awning or Tent. It is an amazing quality and no one does these better than we do, particularly at our cost.

Camper Awnings

Retractable Home Awnings

Typically we strongly recommend against trying to screen retractable awnings unless you never intend to retract it. Why? It fails our ease-of-use test. Every time you retract the awning you have to completely remove the awning screen panels and then rehang it next use. This can take up to 30 minutes round trip and you will want to jump off a cliff in frustration.

Your best option is to create a "super structure" over your awning that does not interfere with mobility of the awning.

Camper Awnings

Retractable Camper Awnings

When we tried to talk a camper out of screening their camper awning (for reasons above), the client made a good point. "We're campers. We're used to setting up and 20 minutes is nothing for a camper. We will extend our awning fasten the screen and not retract it until we pull up stakes and leave." Fair enough. We will take care of retractable awning screens for campers.

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